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Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are used to control the actions of road users in the sense that they are legally required to take or not to take specific action as indicated by such signs. Failure to obey regulatory signs is an offence in terms of various acts, regulations, ordinances and by laws. When these signs appear on a yellow background, they are temporary signs.

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Control signs

R1 Stop sign

R1.1 Stop sign

R1.2 Stop/yield

R1.3 3-way stop sign

R1.4 4-way stop sign

R1.5 Stop/go sign

R2 Yield sign

R2.1 Yield to pedestrians sign

R2.2 Yield at mini-circle sign

R3 No entry sign

R4.1, R4.2 & R4.3 One-way road signs

R5 Pedestrian priority sign

R6 Yield to oncoming traffic sign

Command signs

R101 Minimum Speed sign

R102 Vehicles exceeding mass only sign

R103 Keep left sign

R104 Keep right sign

R105 Proceed left only sign

R106 Proceed right only sign

R107 Proceed straight only sign

R108 Turn left sign

R109 Turn right sign

R110 Pedestrians only sign

R111 Pedal cycles only sign

R112, R113, R114 & R115 Pedal cycles & pedestrians only sign

R116 Motor cycles only sign

R117 Motor cars only sign

R118 Taxis only sign

R119 Minibuses only sign

R120 Midibus only sign

R121 Buses only sign

R122 Delivery vehicles only sign

R123 Goods vehicles only sign

R124 Goods vehicles over indicated GVM only sign

R125 Construction vehicles only sign

R126 Vehicles conveying dangerous goods only sign

R127 Abnormal vehicles only sign

R128 Rickshaws only sign

R129 Tour buses only sign

R130 Agricultural vehicles only sign

R131 Animal-drawn vehicles only sign

R132 Pay toll sign

R133 Switch head lamps on sign

R134 Buses & minibuses only sign

R135 Buses & midibuses only sign

R136 Buses, midibuses & minibuses only sign

R137 Roundabout sign

R138 Trams only sign

R139 Buses & trams only sign

R140 Buses, trams & minibuses only sign

Prohibition signs 

R201 Speed limit sign

R202 Mass limit sign

R203 Axle massload limit sign

R204 Height limit sign

R205 Length limit sign

R206 Excessive noise prohibited sign

R207 Hitch-hiking prohibited sign

R208 Unauthorized vehicles prohibited sign

R209 Left turn ahead prohibited sign

R210 Right turn ahead prohibited sign

R211 Left turn prohibited sign

R212 Right turn prohibited sign

R213 U-turn prohibited sign

R214 Overtaking prohibited sign

R215 Overtaking by goods vehicle prohibited sign

R216 Parking prohibited sign

R217 Stopping prohibited sign

R218 Pedestrian prohibited sign

R219 Pedal cycle prohibited sign

R220 Pedal cycle & pedestrian prohibited sign

R222 Motor cycle prohibited sign

R223 Motor car prohibited sign

R224 Taxi prohibited sign

R225 Minibus prohibited sign

R226 Midibus prohibited sign

R227 Bus prohibited sign

R228 Delivery vehicle prohibited sign

R229 Goods vehicle prohibited sign

R230 Goods vehicle over indicated GVM prohibited sign R231 Construction vehicle prohibited sign

R232 Vehicle conveying dangerous goods prohibited sign R233 Abnormal vehicle prohibited sign

R234 Rickshaw prohibited sign

R235 Tour bus prohibited sign

R236 Agricultural vehicle prohibited sign

R237 Animal-drawn vehicle prohibited sign

R238 Horses & riders prohibited sign

R239 Width limit sign

R240 Towed vehicles prohibited sign

R241 Hawkers prohibited sign

De-restriction signs 








Reservation & parking signs

R301 Bus reservation sign

R301-P Bus parking reservation sign

R302 Bus lane reservation sign

R303 Bus lane reservation begins sign

R304 Pedal cycle lane reservation sign

R304-P Pedal cycle parking reservation sign

R305-P Parking reservation sign

R306-P Limited parking reservation sign

R307 Motor cycle reservation sign

R307-P Motor cycle parking reservation sign

R308 Motor car reservation sign

R308-P Motor car parking reservation sign

R309 Taxi reservation sign

R309-P Taxi parking reservation sign

R310 Minibus reservation sign

R310-P Minibus parking reservation sign

R311 Midibus reservation sign

R311-P Midibus parking reservation sign

R312 Delivery vehicle reservation sign

R312-P Delivery vehicle parking reservation sign

R313 Goods vehicle reservation sign

R313-P Goods vehicle parking reservation sign

R314 Goods vehicle over indicated GVM reservation sign

R314-P Goods vehicle over indicated GVM parking reservation sign

R315 Construction vehicle reservation sign

R315-P Construction vehicle parking reservation sign

R316 Vehicle conveying dangerous goods reservation sign R316-P Vehicle conveying dangerous goods parking reservation sign

R317 Abnormal vehicle reservation sign

R317-P Abnormal vehicle parking reservation sign

R318 Rickshaw reservation sign

R318-P Rickshaw parking reservation sign

R319 Tour bus reservation sign

R319-P Tour bus parking reservation sign

R320 High occupancy vehicle reservation sign

R320-P High occupancy vehicle parking reservation sign

R321 Emergency vehicle reservation sign

R321-P Emergency vehicle parking reservation sign

R322 Police vehicle reservation sign

R322-P Police vehicle parking reservation sign

R323 Disabled persons vehicle reservation sign

R323-P Disabled persons vehicle parking reservation sign

R324 Authorized vehicle reservation sign

R324-P Authorized vehicle parking reservation sign

R325 Bus stop reservation sign

R326 Minibus stop reservation sign

R327 Bus & minibus reservation sign

R327-P Bus & minibus parking reservation sign

R328 Bus & minibus lane reservation sign

R329 Bus & minibus lane reservation begins sign

R330 Bus & midibus reservation sign

R330-P Bus & midibus parking reservation sign

R331 Bus & midibus lane reservation sign

R332 Bus & midibus lane reservation begins sign

R333 Bus, midibus & minibus reservation sign

R333-P Bus, midibus & minibus parking reservation sign

R334 Bus, midibus & minibus lane reservation sign

R335 Bus, midibus & minibus lane reservation begins sign

R336 High occupancy vehicle lane reservation sign

R337 High occupancy vehicle lane reservation begins sign

R338 Tram reservation sign

R339 Tram lane reservation sign

R340 Tram lane reservation begins sign

R341 Tram stop reservation sign

R342 Bus & tram reservation sign

R343 Bus & tram lane reservation sign

R344 Bus & tram lane reservation begins sign

R345 Bus, minibus & tram reservation sign

R346 Bus, minibus & tram lane reservation sign

R347 Bus, minibus & tram lane reservation begins sign

R348 Bus lane right reservation sign

R349 Bus & minibus lane right reservation sign

R350 Bus & tram lane right reservation sign

R351 Bus, minibus & tram lane right reservation sign

R352 High occupancy vehicle lane right reservation sign R353 Authorized passenger transport vehicle lane reservation sign

R354 Authorized passenger transport vehicle lane right reservation

Other signs - Comprehensive signs

R401 Dual-carriageway freeway begins sign

R402 Single-carriageway freeway begins sign

R403 Woonerf sign

Other signs - Exclusive secondary message signs

(R)501 One period time limit sign

(R)502 Two periods time limit sign

(R)503 Two periods or days time limit sign

(R)504 Three periods or days time limit sign

(R)505 Maximum stay during two periods or days time limit sign

(R)506 Maximum stay during one period time limit sign

(R)511 Day condition sign

(R)512 Night condition sign

(R)520 Reserved movement left by vehicle class sign

(R)521 Reserved movement right by vehicle class sign

(R)522 Reserved movement to left & right by vehicle class sign (R)523 Pay & display sign

(R)530 Operator identity (logo) sign

(R)531 Operator identity (words) sign

(R)532 Mass limit sign (text)

(R)533 Motor cycle engine size limit sign (text)

(R)534 “and Local Access Only” limit sign (text)

(R)535 Distance “For” limit sign (text)

(R)540 Maximum number of vehicles sign

(R)560 Buses sign

(R)561 Pedal cycles sign

(R)562 Motor cycles sign

(R)563 Motor cars sign

(R)564 Taxi sign

(R)565 Minibus sign

(R)566 Midibus sign

(R)567 Delivery vehicle sign

(R)568 Goods vehicle sign

(R)569 Goods vehicle over indicated GVM sign

(R)570 Construction vehicle sign

(R)571 Vehicle conveying dangerous goods sign

(R)572 Abnormal vehicle sign

(R)573 Rickshaw sign

(R)574 Tour bus sign

(R)575 High occupancy vehicle sign

(R)576 Emergency vehicle sign

(R)577 Police vehicle sign

(R)578 Disabled persons vehicle sign

(R)579 Authorized vehicle sign

(R)580 Agricultural vehicle sign

(R)581 Animal-drawn vehicle sign

(R)582 Towed vehicle sign

(R)583 Tram vehicle sign

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