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Temporary Signs

Temporary signs are signs on a yellow background alerting drivers to a change in conditions on or adjacent to the roadway. These are used to replace the usual permanent signage for a short period of time such as during temporary road works which may call for a change in the direction of movement, a change in speed or other temporary conditions.

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Regulatory signs

Command signs

TR101, TR104, TR106, TR109, TR110, TR111, TR112, TR118, TR119, TR121, TR123, TR125, TR127, TR129, TR130, TR131, TR133, TR134, TR136 and TR137

Prohibition signs

TR201, TR202, TR203, TR204, TR205, TR208, TR210, TR211, TR212, TR214, TR215, TR216, TR217, TR218, TR219, TR222, TR223, TR226, TR228, TR230, TR232, TR234, TR239 and TR240

Reservation & parking signs

TR301-P, TR304, TR305-P, TR306-P, TR307, TR308-P, TR309, TR314-P, TR315, TR316-P, TR317, TR319, TR320-P, TR321, TR322-P, TR323, TR324-P and TR333

Comprehensive signs


Exclusive secondary message signs 

(TR)501, (TR)504, (TR)505 and (TR)506

(TR)511 and (TR)512

(TR)522 and (TR)523

(TR)530, (TR)532, (TR)534 and (TR)535


(TR)565, (TR)571, (TR)572, (TR)574, (TR)576, (TR)577, (TR)578, (TR)581, (TR)582 and (TR)583

Warning signs

Road layout signs
TW101, TW104 & TW106, TW108, TW110, TW114, TW115 and TW119

Direction of movement signs 

TW201,TW203, TW205, TW207, TW209, TW211, TW212, TW213, TW215 and TW218

Symbolic signs
TW301, TW302, TW303, TW306, TW307, TW309, TW310, TW311, TW312, TW318, TW320, TW321, TW322, TW323, TW324, TW325, TW326, TW327, TW328, TW331, TW332, TW333, TW335, TW339, TW346, TW349, TW350, TW354, TW355, TW356, TW360, TW361 and TW363

TW304 Traffic control ahead sign

TW305 Scholar patrol ahead sign

TW336 Roadworks sign
TW337 Grader working sign

TW338 Loose stones sign

TW340 & TW341 Surface step sign

TW342 Soft shoulder sign
TW343 “Stop/Go” control ahead sign

TW344 & TW345 Construction vehicles crossing sign

TW347 Temporary police flashing light sign

TW353 Accident ahead sign

Hazard marker signs
TW401, TW405 & TW407, TW409, TW410, TW411, TW413, TW414 and TW415

TW412 Traffic signals out of order sign

Information signs 

TIN3, TIN4 and TIN11.1 to TIN11.4


Guidance signs
TGE2 Advance trailblazer sign
TGA5 Advance off-ramp terminal direction sign 

TGD1 Stack-type advance direction sign

TGA4(E) Gore exit direction sign 

TGA4(V) Gore exit direction sign 

TGD2-D Detour direction sign 

TGD4 Fingerboard sign

TGD9 Map-type advance direction sign 

TGS304+TIN11.2 Lane use control for a distance 

TGS303 Lane use control

TGS106+TIN11.3 Traffic movement affected by obstructions a distance ahead

Combination signs

TR201-RC+TW331-WC+TIN11.2-SS3 Speed limit (on a high visibility background) on an uneven roadway for a distance plus flashing lights
TR201-RB/RE Speed limit (on a high visibility background) with a text message

TR133-RC+TW354-WC Switch head lamps on (on a high visibility background) reduced visibility (on high visibility background)

TW336-WF+TIN11.3 Roadworks (on a high visibility background) a distance ahead

TR103-RD Keep left (on a high visibility background)

R1+ TIN11.577 Stop by police

TR102+TIN11.3 Vehicles exceeding mass only a distance ahead

TR106-562 Proceed right only, motor cycles

TR210-560 No right turn ahead, buses

TR216-562 No parking, motor cycles

TR315-501 Construction vehicle, one time period

TW336+TIN11.2 Roadworks, for a distance

TW343+TIN11.3 “Stop/Go” control ahead, a distance ahead

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