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Warning Signs

Warning signs are used to alert drivers to hazardous conditions on or adjacent to the roadway. These signs indicate a need for extra caution by road users. They may call for a reduction in speed or other manoeuvers in the interest of their own safety and that of other road users, pedestrians and animals. advisory speed limits, which may be displayed on supplementary plates below warning signs, are not enforceable; they merely alert road users to suggested safe speeds for potentially hazardous conditions at specific locations on the road. the violation of advisory speeds, however, may be indicative of negligence or even reckless driving.

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Road Layout


Direction of Movement

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Hazard Marker


Road layout signs

W101 Crossroad sign

W102 Priority crossroad sign

W103 Secondary crossroad sign

W104, W105 & W106 T- & skew T-junction sign

W107 & W108 Side road junction sign

W109 & W110 Staggered junction sign

W111, W112, W113 & W114 Sharp junction sign

W115 Y-junction sign

W116 & W117 End of dual roadway sign

W118 & W119 Beginning of dual roadway sign

Direction of movement signs

W201 Traffic circle sign
W202 & W203 Gentle curve sign

W204 & W205 Sharp curve sign

W206 & W207 Hairpin bend sign

W208 & W209 Winding road sign

W210 & W211 Combined curves sign

W212  Two-way traffic sign

W213  Two-way traffic crossroad sign

W214  & W215 Lane ends sign

W216, W217 & W218 Concealed driveway sign

Hazard marker signs 

W401 & W402 Danger plate sign

W403 & W404 Railway crossing sign

W405, W406, W407 & W408 Sharp curve chevron sign

W409  T-junction chevron sign

W410  Dead end or road closed chevron sign

W411  Boom barricade sign

W413  Gore plate sign

W414  Gore chevron sign

W415  Overhead danger plate sign

Symbolic signs
W301 Traffic signal ahead sign
W302 Traffic control “STOP” ahead sign

W303 Traffic control “YIELD” ahead sign

W306 Pedestrian crossing sign
W307 Pedestrians sign
W308 Children sign
W309 Cyclists sign
W310, W311 & W312 Farm animals sign

W313  Wild animals ahead sign

W314  Gate sign

W315, W316 & W317 Motor gate sign

W318 Railway crossing sign

W319 Tunnel sign

W320 Height restriction sign

W321 Length restricted sign

W322 & W323 Road narrows from one side only sign

W324 Slow moving heavy vehicles sign

W325 Gravel road begins sign

W326 Narrow bridge sign

W327 One vehicle width structure sign

W328 Road narrows from both sides sign

W329 & W330 Road narrows from one side only sign

W331 Uneven roadway sign

W332 Speed humps sign

W333 Slippery road sign

W334 & W335 Falling rocks sign

W339 General warning sign

W346 Emergency flashing light sign

W348 Jetty edge or river-bank sign

W349 Crosswinds sign

W350 Drift sign

W351 Low flying aircraft sign

W352 Agricultural vehicle sign

W354 Reduced visibility sign

W355 Congestion sign

W356 Horses & riders sign

W357 Elephant sign

W358 Warthog sign

W359 Hippo sign

W360 Width restricted sign

W361 Electrical shock sign 

W362 Tram sign
W363 Gravel road ends sign

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