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Guidance Signs

Guidance signs and symbols are provided as navigational aids to complement a complex and developing road and street network. These include direction, tourist information, confirmation, exit sequence, location and town name signs, and street name signs and property numbers, give en route navigation information to guide road users during journeys with minimal disruption to themselves or others.

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Route Marker




Location signs
GLS-1 River name
GLS-2 Toll route name
GLS-3 End of toll route
GLS-4 Dual carriageway freeway name (Class A-1)

GLS-5 Single carriageway freeway name (Class A-2)
GLS-6 Interchange name
GLS-7 Conservancy area

GL1 Street name
GL2 Suburb name
GL3 Town or city name
GL4 River name
GL5 National or provincial border GL6 Geographical location
GL7 Route name
GL8 Interchange name

Direction signs 

GDS-1 Railway station 

GDS-2 Bus terminus 

GDS-3 Airport

GDS-4 Freeway (Class A-1)
GDS-5 Freeway (Class A-2)
GDS-6 Power station
GDS-7 Industrial area
GDS-8 City centre/central business district 

GDS-9 Toll route

GDS-10 Alternative route 

GDS-11 Heliport 

GDS-12 Mine 

GDS-13 Harbour 

GDS-14 Shopping centre 

GDS-15 Library 

GDS-16 Bicycle route 

GDS-17 Park ‘n ride (train) 

GDS-18 Park ‘n ride (bus) 

GDS-19 Pick-up point 

GDS-20 Parking 

GDS-21 Minibus rank 

GDS-22 Toll plaza ahead 

GDS-23 Border/customs post

GD1/GD2 Stack-type composite direction 

GD2 Stack-type direction
GD4 Fingerboard

GD9  Map-type advance direction

GD10  Overhead advance direction

GD12 Overhead advance direction

GA2  Advance exit direction

GA3  Exit direction

GA4  Gore exit direction

GA4(E) Gore exit direction 

GA8 Exit sequence

GB1  Cross-road advance direction

GB2  Near-side on-ramp direction

GB3  Far-side on-ramp advance

GB4 Far-side on-ramp direction 

GC1 Overhead pre-advance exit direction
GC3U Overhead supplementary exit/through direction

GB3(+IN25) Far-side advance direction toll tariff combination
GA7A Confirmation alternative route (Class A1)

Route marker signs
GE2 Advance trailblazer
GE9 Advance transport trailblazer 

GE18.3 Tourism route marker 

GE19.3SADC route marker sign

Tourism Signs


GFS A1 Generic - National park

GFS A1-1 National parks

GFS A2 Generic - Provincial parks

GFS A2-1 Provincial parks Gauteng

GFS A2-2Provincial parks Free State

GFS A2-3 Provincial parks Western Cape

GFS A2-4 Provincial Parks Kwazulu-Natal

GFS A3 Generic - Resorts

GFS A3-1 Country clubs (Golf)

GFS A3-2 Hot springs

GFS A3-3 Inland water

GFS A3-4 Seaside/beach

GFS A3-5 Berg/mountain

GFS A4 Generic - Scenic

GFS A4-1 Nature reserve

GFS A4-2 National Heritage site

GFS A4-3 Botanical Gardens

GFS A4-4 Gardens (Flowers)

GFS A4-5 Waterfall

GFS A4-6 Lake or dam (No watersport)

GFS A4-7 Caves

GFS A4-8 View point

GFS A4-9 Forest (Natural)

GFS A4-10 State forest

GFS A4-11 Mountain/berg

GFS A5-1 Motor racing track

GFS A5-2 Golf course

GFS A5-3 Horse racecourse

GFS A5-4 Equestrian events

GFS A5-5 Fishing

GFS A5-6 Cricket field

GFS A5-7 Swimming pool

GFS A5-8 Sports stadium

GFS A6 Generic - Wildlife

GFS A6-1 Conservancy area

GFS A6-2 Game reserve

GFS A6-3 Bird park/sanctuary

GFS A6-4 Zoo

GFS A6-5 Snake park

GFS A6-6 Crocodile park

GFS A6-7 Rhino park

GFS A6-8 Lion park

GFS A7 Generic - Historical

GFS A7-1 National monument

GFS A7-2 Museum

GFS A7-3 Historic mine

GFS A7-4 Historic railway station

GFS A7-5 Historic battlefield

GFS A7-6 Historic cemetry

GFS A7-7 Geological site

GFS A8 Generic - Coastal

GFS A8-1 Marine reserve

GFS A8-2 Maritime museum

GFS A8-3 Aquarium

GFS A8-4 Whales

GFS A8-5 Dolphins

GFS A8-6 Lighthouse

GFS A8-7 Dockyard

GFS A8-8 Boat launch

GFS A8-9 Fishing

GFS A8-10 Crayfish

GFS A8-11 Oceanarium

GFS A8-12 Beach

GFS A9 Generic - Arts & craft 

GFS A9-1 Painting & drawing

GFS A9-2 Pottery 

GFS A9-3 Jewellery

GFS A9-4 Weaving & knitting

GFS A9-5 Leatherwork

GFS A9-6 African arts & crafts

GFS A9-7 Woodwork

GFS A9-8 Metalwork

GFS A10 Generic - Cultural

GFS A10-1 Theatre

GFS A10-2 Amphitheatre

GFS A11-1 Hiking trail

GFS A11-2 Horse trail

GFS A11-3 4x4 trail

Tourism signs (continued)

GFS A11-4 Bike trail

GFS A11-5 River rafting

GFS A11-6 Scuba diving

GFS A11-7 Ballooning

GFS A12 Generic - Farming

GFS A12-1 Wine cellar

GFS A12-2 Wine route/estate

GFS A12-3 Showground

GFS A12-4 Cherry farm

GFS A12-5 Ostrich farm & riding

GFS A12-6 Ostrich farm

GFS A12-7 Fish farm

GFS A12-8 Roadside stall

GFS A12-9 Butterfly

GFS A13-1 Animal theme park

GFS B1-1 Telephone

GFS B1-2 Police

GFS B1-3 Hospital (with name)

GFS B1-4 First aid post

GFS B1-5 SOS call station (sign)

GFS B1-6 SOS call station (post)


GFS B1-8 Ambulance/medical services

GFS B1-9 Fire station/services 

GFS B1-10 Cell phone emergency number

GFS B2-1 Filling station & workshop

GFS B2-2 Filling station

GFS B2-3 Workshop

GFS B2-4 Tow-in service

GFS B3-1 Truck rest & service area

GFS B4-1 Restaurant

GFS B4-2 Refreshments

GFS B4-3 Take-away

GFS B4-4 Rural shop/cafe/corner shop

GFS B5-1 Parking area (free parking)

GFS B5-2 Toilets

GFS B5-3 Shower

GFS B5-4 Drinking water

GFS B5-5 Fireplace

GFS B5-6 Cooking facilities

GFS B5-7 Picnic area 

GFS B5-8 Tourist information

GFS B5-9 Facility for handicapped

GFS B5-10 Roadside stall/curio shop

GFS B5-11 Post office

GFS B6-1 Rest area (Class 1)

GFS B6-2 Rest area (Class 2)

GFS B6-3 Rest area (Class 3)

GFS B7-1 Motor cars

GFS B7-2 Caravans 

GFS B7-3 Buses

GFS B7-4 Trucks

GFS B7-5 Delivery vehicles

GFS B7-6 Motor cycles

GFS C1-1  Accommodation (incl. hotels, inns etc.)

GFS C1-2 Chalet/self catering 

GFS C1-3 Caravan site

GFS C1-4 Camp site

GFS C1-5 Guest house

GFS C1-6 Bed & breakfast

GFS C1-7 Rooms (bed only) 

GFS C1-8 Youth hostel/centre/camp

GFS C1-9 Trail shelter

GFS C1-10 Guest farm

GFS C1-11 Ethnic (Zulu)

GFS D1-1 Motor cars

GFS D1-2 Caravans

GFS D1-3 Buses

GFS D1-4 Trucks

GFS D1-5 Motor cycles

GFS D1-6 Take-away

GFS D1-7 Restaurant

GFS D1-8 Refreshments

GFS D1-9 Shop

GFS D1-10 Facility for handicapped

GFS D1-11 Toilets

GFS D1-12 Telephone

GFS D1-13 Straight-on arrow

GFS D1-14 Left/right arrow

GFS D1-15 Diagonal left/right arrow

GFS D1-16 Advance left/right arrow

GFS D1-17 Exit (route number)

GFS D1-18 Parking

GFS D1-19 Filling station & workshop

GFS D1-20 Filling station

GFS D1-21 Picnic area

GFS D1-22 Tourist information

GFS D1-23 Motor car wash

GFS D1-24 Truck wash

GFS D1-25 Drinking water

GFS D1-26 Fireplace

GFS D1-27 Cooking facilities

GFS D1-28 Shower

GF1 Freeway advance exit
GF2 Advance turn
GF3 Final turn
GF8 Service exit sequence
GF9 Rest & service sequence
GF12 Advance roadside emergency service 

GF17 Part-time attraction

GDLS A1-1 Central business centre

GDLS A1-5 Shopping centre

GDLS A1-6 Railway station

GDLS A1-7 Airport

GDLS A1-8 Bus station

GDLS A1-9 Minibus rank

GDLS A1-10 Harbour

GDLS A1-11 Parking 

GDLS A1-12 Parking garage

GDLS A1-14 Mine

GDLS A2-1 Information centre/layby

GDLS A2-2 Post office

GDLS A2-4 Industrial area

GDLS A2-6 Waste disposal site 

GDLS A2-7 Produce market

GDLS A2-9 Conference facilities

GDLS A2-11 Power station

GDLS A2-12 School

GDLS A2-13 Library 

GDLS A2-14 Swimming pool

GDLS A2-15 Border/customs post

GDLS A4-3 Fire station

GDLS A4-5 Heliport

GDL1 Advance local direction 

GDL2 Local direction
GDL3 Local fingerboard

GSS-1 Arrestor bed
GSS-2 Change to lower gear

GS103 Traffic movement affected by obstruction 

GS205 Additional lane
GS302 Lane use control by regulatory sign 

GS403 Lanes merge

GS501 Arrestor bed pre-advance exit
GS505 Engage lower gear
GS605 Overhead lane use control by regulation sign 

GS701 Public transport
GS818 At grade lane layout
GS901 Junction with warning sign
GP4 Arrow left
GP17 Buses
GP18 Minibuses
GP3 Arrow right

VM1 Sliding sign (W333 plus IN11.1)
VM2 Roller blind sign (TR201)
VM3 Rotating plank sign (Blank & tr210)
VM4 Rotating disc sign (R201)
VM5 Freeway “direction sign” changes to “no entry” sign 

VM6 TW333 plus IN11.1
VM7 TW353
VM8 TR201 plus TW339 plus IN11.4

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